Are you a Believer? Online Health Benefits Enrolment or The Good old paperwork.

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Are You a Believer? Enrosure Services

A believer or not, we can all agree that getting things and utilities online has changed the way we look at things completely. To an extent (though debatable) we can say that getting online has made our lives easier. For almost everything we have an online solution, Feeling Hungry? Order food online, Feel like watching a Movie? Watch Netflix & Chill (pun intended), Feel like shopping order your dapper shoes online, even online dating is no surprise nowadays. But is it as savvy as ordering Pizza when it comes to Benefits Enrolment? Do businesses and Employees really need this kind of software? These are some of the burning questions.

We don’t know if you will agree to the paragraph above but what we could agree upon is Benefit Enrolment is no easy task. As an employer, it requires tremendous amount of efforts and commitment to carry out the Enrolment Process. They need to be available to employees throughout the Enrolment Period. And if you’re a comparatively larger group then this pain goes on for days. At the end of the Enrolment period it is still not over for the employers. Now the biggest headache of collecting all the paperwork comes in, even if your broker does all that you still need to put in time to make sure everything goes as planned. And Mistakes, which are bound to happen will again set you back. So going online, would it help? or create a bigger mess in these scenarios?

Let’s look at the Benefits of using an Online Enrolment Solution Software for your company:

  1. Less Questions for Employers/HR: When you go Online the employees get to have access to a bigger resource pool online. Documents such as Summary of Benefits, Find a Doctor link, Enrolment forms etc. can all be found in the system itself reducing queries at HR’s/ Employer’s end.
  2. Reduced Costs: You can save considerable amount of greens by going online. By doing so you could Reduce Paper usage, Printer Usage, Save Office Supplies, Reduce time taken in filling out physical forms and much more.
  3. Shorter Enrolment Period: When you go online the portal is available to each employee at any given point of time. They can easily access their profiles online anytime, to fill out their Benefits in the system which would reduce overall Enrolment time period.
  4. Less Paperwork: More like NO paperwork for Employee forms. Everything is done online, even the Employee forms are submitted automatically online. No Huss no fuss.
  5. Reduced monitoring requirements: You don’t need to be a Hawk anymore. Manage everything by just logging into your admin account. You will be able to see daily Progress, Point out people who have made mistakes, and basically have control over the process in just a few clicks.
  6. Easy: Guess what! Its easy for the employees too. They can just log in to their accounts and complete their profile and choose the plan that they want to select. Even the rates that each employee has to pay is visible to them online.
  7. The wow! Experience: Your Employee gets to have the experience of a lifetime when they enrol through such a flawless system. They can even boast to be working for a Tech Savvy Employer.
  8. Structured and Central data systems: Everything that goes online is all stored on a single system. All the Employee Data and Benefits Selection data can be reviewed at a single place.
  9. Easier Renewals next year: Once you adopt the Online Enrolment System, Renewing next year becomes a breeze. You would just need to ask the administrator to change your benefits and done!
  10. Corrections: Corrections are easy online. An employee commits a mistake in their dependent info, all they need to do is log in again and make amends. That’s it, done!
  11. Add/Remove Dependents in a few clicks: The Employees can themselves add/remove dependents on the online portal. It can be reviewed by the employer at the same time it gets updated into the system.
  12. Secure: All of the data stored online is highly encrypted and remains confidential. No body but the employee and the Group Administrator has the access to employee’s data and only the employee can make amends to their profile. Of Course! All of these points are applicable to the software we offer. Our systems are 100% ACA Compliant.

So you be the judge to would you like to take the next step towards being an organization that is Tech Savvy and up to date or you could always choose to be the traditionalist.


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